We identified two acquisition target companies with exceptional growth potential and are in the process to finalize acquisition transactions to the value of R200m after completion of extensive Due Diligence Investigations

Where to find us


Our Vision and Mission

  • We SELL private companies
  • We HAVE approved & credible Buyers, including prominent BEE Buyers
  • We HELP Business ventures to maximize competitiveness, translating into real bottom line value; to ultimately reduce risk & optimize shareholder value
  • We HELP business owners that want to retire

Our target market

ROSTRUM BUSINESS BROKERS, a division of Rostrum Management & Corporate Services [RMCS] is in a strong position to sell medium to larger private companies that have a productive asset base [e.g. Plant & Machinery, Property, Manufacturing, Processing, etc.] OR high quality clients; with growth potential in the "new" South African business landscape. Therefore, NOT companies primarily dependent on walk-in customers e.g. Restaurants, Video shops, Hair salons, most Franchises, Retail outlets, etc.

"There is a big gap between HELP & Advice"......We don't give advice our competitors do!!